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I was recently asked to cast an eye upon the web and make a few comments on what I see coming up soon. Of course, any decent star gazing activity should be accompanied by some up front historical context and grounding. Lets begin.

2006 was the year when UGC and virals really came to the fore, created by a few and watched by many. This has since been absorbed into our routine understanding of the internet although the buzzword ‘viral’ does still continue to crop up. Definitely read ‘All Virals are Black Swans‘ by Jerome Courtial on Knitware for a quick reality check and then wade in on ‘Are Marketers hiding behind UGC?‘ asked out aloud by Martyn Perks on Netimperative for some good insight and a quick recap.

2007 was the year of Social Networking, and social networking as we know it has not at all passed and probably won’t, but instead will become more integrated into the finer parts of our day to day communications and interactions in the contexts of our personal lives, our businesses and our passions (politics, sports, gaming, fashion ..). Continue Reading »


Double dipping

I came across a Harris Interactive survey about how consumers watch TV and surf at the same time (see it here). What interested me wasn’t the people who look to the net to enrich programming, but the two thirds of people are looking at content that has nothing to do with what they are watching.

Then I realised it’s something I do myself all the time. The internet is slowly becoming an extension of me. My laptop is always on, even when I’m watching TV (there go my green credentials).

Which leads me (on a tangent) to the thought, is there some way of creating a TV show that requires simultaneous online and TV viewing? I love what Heroes has done with the massive online world it has created that means viewers are kept entertained even during the writers strike. But simultaneous interaction could be very exciting. The first thing that pops into my head is that Test your IQ programme that was on the Beeb a while back: imagine if you could have done the quiz live online and the results were collated in real time – that probably happened didn’t it? With a drama series, you could ‘help’ the lead character by searching for clues online (I’m remembering a friend who used to visit the FBI website and pretend he was hacking the site).

Anyway, just the beginnings of a thought. Will keep building on it.

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